The ETLE Universe Fall Festival,
September 25 - October 10, 2015

After three years of development, the A.O. Movement Collective culminated their work on the ETLE Universe in a three-week festival of premieres, parties, and more running September 25th through October 10, 2015 in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

Over the span of three weeks, the festival premiered the ETLE Universe's four remaining works: the AOMC's ETLE and the Anders, an evening-length performance which included live music from Idgy Dean's OMINOUS HARMINUS and a fashion show featuring the Future Fashions of collaborators Walter Dundervill and Jeff Poulin, and The OH Files / pornography from the ETLE Universe. The festival additionally offered two parties, four talks, four workshops, a collection of visual art installations from the ETLE Universe, a rooftop bar, and marketplace featuring art and products created as part of the ETLE Universe.

The entirety of the festival's events are listed below for archival purposes (view in calendar format here.

+ Your future is here +


Join us for 14 intimate performances of the AOMC’s new evening-length work ETLE and the Anders, featuring live music from Idgy Dean, fashion show by Jeff Poulin and Walter Dundervilll, and video installation by Andre Azevedo and Caitlin Rose Sweet, along with performances from Lillie De, Anna Adams Stark, Aya Wilson, Ariel Speedwagon, Eli Steffen, and Tara Aisha Wilis, with additional performances by Tony Carlson, massima selene desire, Benedict Nyugen, and Sawyer DeVyust.

The A.O. Movement Collective’s ETLE and the Anders is an evening length queer/feminist cyborg…thing…performed by a cast of ten for an intimate audience. It’s a ravenous foray into maximalism, chronomultiplicity, moving bodies, massive spreadsheets, future fashion, looping soundscapes, biohacking, blowjobs, possession, performance, presence, absence, Anders, Heavy Sets, R.I.B. hacks, glitch theory, the monstrous feminine, and of course: time travel.

Full event info here / Special AOMC benefit performance here
Tickets $20, purchase here

+ Screenings

Millk chugging, mylar, slow motion resonance, filling and being filled; these are just a few of the images that flood AORTA films’s first feature, The Oh Files, starring Parts Authority, Ginny Woolf, Erykah Ohms, Xposed Brick, and Toxic Shock. For more information about The OH Files and production stills (NSFW) please click here.

Let yourself be filled // let your future self do the filling.
Your future is coming.

Full event info  (please note, this event is 18+)
Tickets $15, purchase here

+ Music

IDGY DEAN is the solo music project of Brooklynite Lindsay Sanwald. All songs are composed alone, then looped live on stage. Her first full-length record, OMINOUS HARMINUS (made in conjunction with the A.O. Movement Collective's ETLE Universe), features prominently in the AOMC's performance of ETLE and the Anders, for which Lindsay is the composer and live musician. In addition to her performances in ETLE and the Anders, on September 30th Idgy Dean will perform special show following the AOMC's Benefit Performance. Idgy Dean will be getting extra wild (since it's her birthday party) while premiering new sound and vision experiences from her new full-length record OMINOUS HARMINUS. In short, a psychedelic dance party! Featuring opening sets from special guests to be announced September 1st.

Full event info here
Tickets $15, purchase here

+ Parties

Come party in maximal, ETLE Universe style with 2 ETLE Universe parties - QUASAR: the dance party produced by Topher Gross, and FUTUREf2ck, produced by Mythical Events in collaboration with AORTA films!

+ Quasar: the dance Party

Saturday, September 26th, 9:30pm – 2am
Full Party Info here
Tickets $10, here and at the door until midnight, $15 after midnight

DJ Average Jo
Performance by Miss Malice with special guests Lee VaLone and K.James

Door by Lizxnn Disaster

This is no ordinary party, this is a galaxy! Join us as we celebrate the ETLE Universe's Fall Premieres with incredible music and performances! Dance the night away dressed in your finest galactic gear or come as you are! Take your inspiration from Quasars--the brightest objects in the universe, masses of energy and light!! (Space themed outfits encouraged but not required)


Saturday, October 3rd, 9:30pm - 3am
Full Party Info here (please note, this event is 18+)
***Please note: you MUST register for this event in advance - no walk-ups accepted!***
Brooklyn location, disclosed to you in your invitation.
Tickets $15 at the door, or $10 if you put in an hour of volunteering OR attend the screening of The OH Files beforehand. Nobody turned away for lack of funds


This space is an opportunity to let time travel play out through your sexuality and body, a chance for faeries, mythical creatures, extraterrestrials, and unknowable beings to frolic together in the ETLE Universe. Look through the branches of the Forest of the Future and catch a glimpse of what your body will look like — and do — a hundred or a thousand years from now. Meet someone new and love them the way you will when you’ve known each other for a lifetime. Be the person you will be when all the cities have become mausoleums and the green bits and four-legged creatures have returned to dominance. What will your sex look like when the eternities of a regenerating earth are opened up before you? How will it feel to inhabit our reinvented bodies in a post-scarcity world? In Futuref2ck, the present and future blend together in a whirl of erotic energy and consensual, compassionate touch.

More information + registration at  Please note: In order to take the next step in this journey, you must have chosen your Time-Travel Buddy (or buddy triad) and confirmed that they also plan to register here. To learn more about Mythical Events' buddy system, please see:

+ Workshops, Talks, & Readings

Join us at Loft 172 for a collection of talks, panels, and readings! Workshops are paid events on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. All talks and readings are free and open to the public, and directly precede or follow a performance or screening (as noted.) The Universe’s bar, rooftop, and gallery will also be open during these times.

+ Workshop / The Art of the Looping Pedal:
Musical Infinity, Limits, Feminism, Chaos and Order with IDGY DEAN

Sunday, September 27th @ 4-6pm
Full event info here / Workshop $20, purchase here

Join the ETLE Universe's resident musical artist IDGY DEAN in a rich intellectual discussion on the theory and practice behind her main instrument: the looping pedal. First, a basic demonstration of how her little blue box works---a recording/sampling device that allows a single musician to build multi-instrument compositions live and on the fly without the support of a band or backing tracks. Then, a discourse on all the implications and ideas that spring from this instrument: time manipulation, palimpsest, the feminist revolution and what it means to be a one-woman-band, narcissism, the cyborg glitch, infinity and its limits, chaos, order and so much more.

+ Talk / "But you'll be behind the camera, right?" - creating the OH Files - FREE!

Tuesday, September 29th, post-screening
(tickets to The OH Files here)

Join us for a post-screening talkback with performers Parts Authority, Ginny Woolf, Xposed Bric, Erykah Ohms, Toxic Shock, creator Sarah A.O. Rosner, and editor Jacqueline Mary. Panelists will discuss the decision to create pornography as one work of the ETLE Universe, their experience participating in its creation, and question the radicalism and use of pornography as both art and not-art.

+ Talk / Our Bodies, Time Machines - FREE!

Free! Thursday, October 1st, post-show
(tickets to ETLE and the Anders here)

Join us for a post-show talk with performers Lille De, Anna Adams Stark, Aya Wilson, Ariel Speedwagon, Eli Steffen, Tara Willis, Massima Selene Desire, Tony Carlson, Sawyer DeVuyst, Benedict Nguyen, ETLE Universe musician and composer Idgy Dean, and ETLE Universe creator Sarah A.O. Rosner. Participants will discuss the creative process behind ETLE and the Anders, their experiences embodying time travel, and take questions from the audience.

+ Workshop / Future Metal: A welding workshop with Abigail LLoyd

Saturday, October 3rd @ 3-6pm (please note early start time!)
Full event info here / Workshop $60, purchase here

Join Abigail Lloyd (creator of the ETLE Universe’s mostly i remember the madness of feeling installation) for an intro to MIG welding and grinding on the roof. Learn how to make a triangle + get dirty.

+ Workshop / Embodying Time Travel with the A.O. Movement Collective

Sunday, October 4rd @ 4-6pm
Full event info here / Workshop $10, purchase here

Join the A.O. Movement Collective and try on movement scores for embodied time travel. Start building your index and develop an awareness of your own innate chronomultiplous abilities, and then futuretouch, glitch, and shift the universe by hurdling your body through space and time. Open to all movers--dancers, humans, cyborgs, and otherwise.

+ Talk / Excavating the ETLE Universe - FREE!

Free! Tuesday, October 6h @ 6pm, 
Followed by a performance of ETLE and the Anders

Join us for a pre-show talk with ETLE Universe collaborators Sarah A.O. Rosner (creator of the ETLE Universe), Maria Baranova (photographer), Martha Hipley (illustrator), and Poppy Lyttle (illustrator). Hear about the nebulous creative process behind the creation of the ETLE Universe, gain insight into each work’s specific process, and discuss how queer structures for authorship have changed the AOMC’s making process.

+ Reading / Monstrous Futures: Writing Among ETLE - FREE!

Free! Thursday, October 8h @ 6pm
Followed by a performance of ETLE and the Anders

Join science fiction futurists, visionaries, and authors for an hour-long reading in and among the monstrous future. Which time are you in? Which future are you in? Which change are you part of? Which side do you see? Curated by Damien Luxe.

+ Workshop / Apocalypse How? Sci-fi skills for anti-oppressive survival

Saturday, October 10th 4-6pm
Full event info here / Workshop $10, purchase here

What will you do? The members of put out a call for participants for the following situation, "Three days ago, there was a large earthquake that cuts off power, destabilizing the eastern seaboard. We arrive at a community action meeting the morning of the event." This past August, a group gathered to LARP using values and tactics gleaned from radical science fiction. Learn about this project and talk generally about sci-fi skills for anti-oppressive survival.

+ Installation

Free! Open 4-10pm Tuesday-Sunday, closed to the public during ticketed events
Visit the gallery at Loft 172, open 4-10pm daily, and immerse yourself in visual art from the ETLE Universe. 

+ The future is female / Caitlin Rose Sweet + Andre Azevedo

A multi-media installation which envisions our post human future and collective entanglement.

+ Mostly I remember the madness of feeling / Abigail Lloyd

A space defined by multi-media crystals. After the VFR, rebel THIC found this place in their quiet and despair--a place away from time, an entryway to whatever was next. Like these crystals, the language of this place is warped, melted, strewn. The space can hold hysteria and madness outside of constraint--we are not scared of it here--this space can hold the welling of what can't articulate itself in linear form. mostly i remember the madness of feeling holds the coalescence of unnamed thoughts, rage, and sadness; it is the gate to what comes after.

+ Future fashion / Jeff Poulin + Walter Dundervill

The full collection of looks created by designers Jeff Poulin and Walter Dundervill for the A.O. Movement Collective's performance of ETLE and the Anders, on display as part of the ETLE Universe's installations between shows.

+ Portrait of a girl / Poppy Lyttle

The first known portrait of ETLE. "Here is ETLE. She is here. Looking at you. Right now. From somewhere in the back. of your head."

+ Conspiracy Wearables / Jeff Poulin

A collection of 10 3D-printed Rings from the ETLE Universe. The Conspiracy Wearables are all available for purchase as part of the ETLE Marketplace, and are custom-printed per order in the sizes and materials of your choice. More information on the collection can be found here.

+ 1nd3X / Maria Baranova

Created by Maria Baranova in collaboration with the A.O. Movement Collective, 1ND3X is a collection of photos taking an intimate look at embodied time travel, and investigating how memory is mapped and stored in the body. More information on the collection can be found here.


Take the ETLE Universe home with you. Let it become a part of your life, put it on your body and inside your consciousness; ingest it. Become your future. Anti-ephemeral artifacts from the ETLE Universe are available for purchase as part of the ETLE Marketplace, including Conspiracy Wearables, 1ND3X prints, ETLE ILLUS (the Universe’s graphic novel), Idgy Dean’s OMINOUS HARMINUS, AORTA films’ The Oh Files, fashion from the ETLE Universe, and more. All proceeds from the marketplace bring earned income into the ETLE Universe’s performance ecology and allow the AOMC to better support their team of 60+ collaborators.


Open 4-10pm Tuesday-Sunday, closed to the public during ticketed events

Join us for a drink on the spacious roof at Loft 172 before or after a show!  Explore Abigail Lloyd's mostly i remember the madness of feeling, mingle, and relax. All proceeds from the bar bring earned income into the ETLE Universe’s performance ecology and allow the AOMC to better support their team of 60+ collaborators.