Performer Lillie De poses a central question of the ETLE Universe in their monologue at the end of ETLE and the Anders: "was it / is it / will it be enough?"

Though the New York TimesTristan Taormino, and Infinite Body all had positive things to say about the festival (a full collection of reviews can be found here), no one can say with any certainty if the AOMC succeeded in fulfilling their role within the ELTE Universe, or if the prophetic future they uncovered will become our reality. It is surely impossible to know the effect of the AOMC's actions. Perhaps Lillie De's company manager monologue in ETLE and the Anders gives us some clues into how to measure the effect of this work:

"...And we keep making and performing as reperforming and reperforming and making and performing and reperforming and what are we left with? (AndersExhaustion.) What are we left with other than exhaustion? (AndersExhaustion.) And ETLE.
If ETLE had been with us since the beginning then clearly the AOMC is essential to her plans. If she's keep her presence hidden until now she must have some ulterior motive beyond what Sarah believes.  At this point in time I will ask you to remain calm and try not to panic but it is my responsibility to alert you to the possibility that ETLE may be using both Sarah and the AOMC, simply to get to you.  I know I know... It must seem incredibly far fetched to seriously propose that a dangerous post human being has literally figured out how to travel through time in order to mother her own blood line, survived on the run, braved the VFR, and escaped capture all to hack into the mind of a single performance maker and over the course of 9 years secretly and painstakingly make a series of minuscule shifts in her work all to attract a specific audience to a specific performance so that one of those individuals might be nudged towards a specific future in witch that individual may play some crucial role, all to create a time loop making ETLE's existence infinite. It must seem ridiculous!
That being said...can you give me a more logical explanation why anyone would choose to make performance in this day and age?

If I'm understanding this--Sarah's prophecy is our future and ETLE has tricked us into locking it in place. If she's using the AOMC to achieve this and indeed, using you, she's working at the level of the smallest microcosm. Don't you see? Each time we hurl our bodies though space- we have shifted the universe.
Tiny tiny tiny- each repetition little little shifts. The little differences of each performance, resonance, resonance, echoing out through time. We could never hope to force change, but as we exist our bodies through space, our echoes amplify little causal reactions spreading out through the chronoverse. Our bodies: time machines. The reverberations growing growing, 9 years momentum, lifetimes of momentum cresting into this moment here now with us and with you.
We are...change.
ETLE used the AOMC to set a chain reaction into motion, a million tiny shifts over the course of 9 years all to bring you here. You are meant to be here, you are meant to see this. It has always happened, it will
Always be happening. Was it? Is it? Will it? Be enough? The correct sequence of random occurrences all falling into place to bring the right you to the right here with the right us in the right now. Do you feel the density around us? OH let yourself go, let your future self in, give yourself over to the beautiful difficult largeness of the unknown expanding inside you. It's happening...it's happening--feel it!
Evolutionarily we must accept that none of us has the capacity to contain or understand what's about to happen, and the future bends back to kiss this present moment full on the mouth, do NOT attempt certainly here, do not attempt knowing. We must open ourselves to the radical unknowing of this glitch. The future selves within us, this OH this echoing shockwave, this creating tumbling forth of time and release of this moment this moment this OH OH OH OH OH Ohpen yourself to the future, open your mind bodies to the OH. Let yourself be filled, let your future self do the filling. Stay with us here ride this moment with us, let go let oh LET OH LET OH LET OH LET OH LET OH LET OH LET OH LET GO LET OH LET GO LET OH AND LET GLITCH!"
- Lillie De, company manager monologue from ETLE and the Anders


The AOMC's work on the ETLE Universe might be understood as a catalytic, immensely difficult, productive, maddening, exhausting, heartfull, three-year glitch. And--like all glitches--once it was fully experienced and internalized, it ceased to exist as one. As predicted early on in the work, the collaborators went their separate ways after the project's culmination, and the AOMC began to look to their next work. The manic density and maximalism of the ETLE Universe folded in on itself and became history, or maybe legend, with the ephemeral parts of the work dissipating, leaving the artifacts to remain.

Aside from the continued sale of the remaining artifacts, the AOMC currently has no plans to continue their work on the ETLE Universe, but they remain aware of the mysterious and anachronistic way that ETLE works, and still see her there from time to time when they least expect her. If you are interested in re-presenting a component of the ETLE Universe, the project in its entirety, or collaborating with the ETLE Universe in some way, please email the A.O. Movement Collective at theAOMC@gmail.com...at your own risk of changing the future.