A project as broad and ambitious as the ETLE Universe relies on support from a wide range of sources. When we first launched the ETLE Universe in 2012, we urged individuals to "declare themselves curators" and engage with our art-making process in an intimate way. By bringing early funding to the work, these adventurous and generous curators made it possible for us to work with our amazing team of collaborators, and in exchange received intimate behind-the-scenes access to the work as it was created, as well as a curator's credit on the final works. Once we moved forward from the curation stage of the ETLE Universe, we also enlisted select individuals to act as producers for the ETLE Universe's pornography, The OH Files. These individuals brought their support to the project as investors, and will receive dividends from The OH Files as it goes out into the word.

Our work with both our curators and producers is representative of the A.O, Movement Collective's continued drive to experiment with the business and ecology of the arts economy, and pioneer new ways of supporting the creation of work.

+ ETLE Universe Curators

888ism.e (Curator, Pornography) aims to illuminate areas of potential connection among beings (practical) and to interrogate the sham notion that the universe is anything but continuous matter and anti-matter (theoretical).  By seeking telescopically the widest lens/most distant viewpoint as a way to experience the range of perspectives all the way from cosmos to micro-views/extreme close-ups, 888ism.e desires a viable framework for eroticism that nourishes power, agency and possibility. 888ism.e, Curator of Pornography, has lived on this planet for over 5 decades, accruing knowledge at a snail’s pace but somehow putting things together enough along the way to survive, thrive and get paid. Formal & informal fields of study have included medicine (various forms), anatomy & physiology, medical anomalies (age 1 to present), dance (age 3 to present), visual art (age 4 to present), english language (age 5 to present), pornography and mathematics (age 6 to present),  888sim.e is a pseudonym, in play here for the purposes of liberation, taking no prisoners, pulling no punches, cultivating reliable space for imagining, and fun.  As curator of pornography, 888ism.e envisions a reclaiming of power by interrogating embedded mechanisms of capitalism in our erotic supply system. If our senses constitute our agency, what stops us from enacting the most realized visions we possess?

Sarah Holcman (Artist Curator, Photography) holds a BFA in Dance from Arizona State University. She has worked with the Hollins University/ADF MFA program, Movement Research, Danspace Project, & the 92nd St Y Harkness Dance Center. Sarah has performed with Lyndsey Karr, Tyler Ashley, & Emily Wexler, and worked with Sarah Michelson, John Jasperse, Jennifer Monson,  & Walter Dundervill, among others. She was a 2011 Shapiro Family Fellow and recently spent a year on a Jewish social justice program in India and Israel. Sarah is currently the Programs Manager at Gibney Dance Center, a Facilitation Fellow with the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, & performs with Larissa Velez-Jackson.

Raja Feather Kelly (Artist Curator, Writers) Is A Company Member Of David Dorfman Dance, Zoe | Juniper, Reggie Wilson/ Fist And Heel Performance Group, Racedance, Pearsonwidrig Dancetheater And Also Performs With Tzveta Kassabova And Paul Matteson. He Has Had The Pleasure Of Performing In The Work Of Christopher Williams, Colleen Thomas And Dancers, And Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion Through The Premiere Of The Radio Show, Which Received A New York Dance & Performance (Bessie) Award. Kelly Has Been A Guest Artist At New York University, The University Of Virginia, Memphis University, University Of Florida, Dance House In Melbourne, Au And Most Recently A Guest Lecturer At The University Of Maryland, College Park, And A Guest Choreographer At Princeton University. Kelly’s Work Has Been Shown At Dance New Amsterdam, Triskelion Arts, The Center For Performance Research, Velocity Dance Center And The Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage .Kelly Was A Co-Producer Of The Summer Dance Series Rooftop Dance. He Is A Contributing Writer For The Dance Enthusiast. When Not Touring Or Performing, Kelly Manages Race Dance And Reggie Wilson/ Fist And Heel Performance Group. Kelly Holds A Ba With Honors In Dance And English From Connecticut College.

Masha Kon, MD, PhD (Artist Curator, Writers) Born in Moscow and raised in NYC, Masha is currently an ob-gyn resident at a NYC hospital. Apart from medicine, international health, science and women's rights, her passion is dance. Trained in classical ballet while growing up in Russia, she also studied Flamenco in Spain, as well as competitive ballroom dancing and Argentine tango in NYC. Eventually she found her perfect expressive medium - tribal belly dancing - with the East Coast Tribal studio, where she trained, performed, and choreographed with amazing teachers Sera Solstice and Darshan from 2010 to 2013. As a proud member of the Burning Man community, she enjoys participating in interactive art pieces (ie Figment NYC festival) and costume making as a self-expression medium.

Ellen Maynard (Artist Curator, Photography) is a dance artist and filmmaker, originally from the West coast, now based in Brooklyn. Ellen graduated from The Ohio State University in 2013 with a BFA in dance and a minor in video art. During her time at Ohio State, Ellen performed in original works by Bebe Miller, Lily Skove, Ann Sofie Clemmensen, Esther Baker-Tarpaga, Ohad Fishof, and Noa Zuk. Ellen is currently dancing for Dante Brown | Warehouse Dance, and collaborating on a dance film with Bianca Giaever, among other projects. Ellen enjoyed filming the ETLE Universe Launch Party in November, and is thrilled to continue to be part of the epic journey!

Juliana F. May (Artist Curator, Graphic Novel) is a New York City native with a dual degree in Dance and Art History from Oberlin College. May first studied improvisation and composition for seven years with Laurie J. Roth at the Trevor Day School in NYC. Since 2002, May has created nine works, including seven evening-length pieces with commissions from Dance Theater Workshop, New York Live Arts, The Chocolate Factory Theater, Barnard College at Columbia University, The New School, Joyce SoHo, The International Contemporary Ensemble (I.C.E.) and The Repertory Project, a Cleveland-based company. May’s history with DTW began as a Fresh Tracks artist in 2005. In 2006 she was a Studio Series residency artist where she showed The Endless House and in 2008 she presented Hydra Cashier on DTW’s main stage. May was an outerspace grant recipient in 2008 where she developed Discrete Body Dilemma at The Brooklyn Arts Exchange which premiered at The Chocolate Factory in 2009 and was brought back again in 2010. May’s fifth project with DTW, Gutter Gate, premiered in spring 2011 and was brought back for encore performances in 2012. May received The Manhattan Community Arts Fund Grant through LMCC for the premiere of Gutter Gate. May was a 2011-13 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence. In 2012 May also served as Dramaturge for Miguel Gutierrez’s And lose the name of action which premiered at The Brooklyn Academy of Music in December 2012. In June of 2012 the company was in residence at Governor’s Island as a part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Open Process residency program where they developed Commentary = not thing which premiered at New York Live Arts this past February. In November of 2012 the company was in residence at Kaatsbaan International Dance Center with full support from the NY Dance Force. A work in progress version of Commentary = not thing was presented as a part of the American Realness festival in January 2013 and the full work will be remounted during the festival this January of 2014. In April of 2012 New York Live Arts awarded May the inaugural Jeff Duncan award for early career choreographers. May holds an MFA in Choreography from the University Wisconsin in Milwaukee where she was awarded the chancellors scholarship and the Thesis Award. May’s next evening length piece, The Installment, will begin development in 2014 and have its world premiere at The Chocolate Factory Theater in 2016. 

Pentacle's Kinetic Cinema (ETLE_immersive Curator, Episode 5) is a regular screening series curated by invited guest artists who create evenings of films and videos that have been influential to their own work as artists. From cutting edge motion capture animation to Michael Jackson music videos, from Gene Kelly musicals to Kenneth Anger films, movement in media has made a great impact on the culture at large. Kinetic Cinema is dedicated to the recognition and appreciation for “moving” pictures. We have presented these evenings at Collective: Unconscious, Chez Bushwick, Interborough Repertory Theater, University Settlement, Launchpad, Green Space, CRS, Fort Useless, Uniondocs, and The Tank in New York City, as well as at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia. Kinetic Cinema Curator, Anna Brady Nuse Anna is the director of Movement Media, a project of Pentacle, and founder of the Kinetic Cinema series. Her work in dance film has included directing and choreographing her own short videos as well as producing the cable access television series Move the Frame from 2004-2006 featuring shorts from across the country and around the world. She has presented papers and programs on dance film in India and at the American Dance Festival in NC. In 2007 Nuse was the Festival Coordinator of the 35th Annual Dance On Camera Festival produced by the Dance Films Association and the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

Dwaine and Kim Vidrine (ETLE_Immersive Curators, Episode 6; Artist Curators, Graphic Novel) My wife and I are both from south Louisiana. I spent 8 years serving my country in the U S Navy from 1984 till 1992. I met my wife in 1996 and we were married in 1997. She is a very loving and caring person that enjoys life and makes my lifemuch happier. We currently enjoy life on the road due to my job has me traveling throughout the country. 

Anna Watson (Artist Curator, Writing) is a married old school activist femme mom who queers suburbia west of Boston. Along with writing and publishing as much steamy butch/femme erotica as possible (see The Harder She Comes; Girls Who Score; Girl Crazy; Wild Girls, Wild Night; Take Me There; BLE 12 and BLR 12 among others), she lends a hand supporting and organizing for queer community, especially families and youth. She is honored to be the adult advisor to what its members believe is the only Queer Straight Alliance for homeschoolers in the world, and she also helped start a GSA in her town’s middle school, one of just a handful of middle school GSAs in the state. As a side project, she and a colleague founded Solidarity with American Indians which works to raise awareness about American Indian issues and is working to abolish racist mascots locally. 


Bubble Tunnel  (Producer, the Oh Files)  is a pixel based entity consisting of s-normalized values existing between fragments and vertices. This is their first producer credit for a corporeal based performance of shared experience and pleasure. For more information about Bubble Tunnel and their work practice please refer to concept of "onceablity" in this wikipedia article detailing the effects of software rot.

SAS - coming soon!

Rosie Deadpan - coming soon!

Ginny Woolf (Producer, the Oh Files) is full of a powerful, self-obliterating fury. New on the queer pornography scene, The OH Files is her first work as both performer and producer. She is honored to be working with AORTA Films on their first feature. As a performer, Ginny is exploring her many-faceted answer to the question, "But do you have to be in front of the camera?" She is interested in power in pornography, on and off screen. She also loves bodies and nakedness and performing pleasure. As a producer, Ginny wants to help birth queer, feminist porn. She wants to talk about porn in public, she wants to break taboo, she wants to find better models for distribution that encourage fair pay and safe, supportive work environments. She was inspired by her experience working on The OH Files - Ginny knows that making porn can be transcendent. The most trafficked websites in existence offer pornographic content; change porn and you change the world.

Parts Authority (porn producer) is a newcomer to the world of porn. They are thrilled to be a member of the ETLE Universe and to show off for the adventurous Drifters that find their way to the OH Files.

+ Kickstarter Backers

A HUGE thank you to all the backers that made the ETLE Universe's projects on Kickstarter a huge success! We truly couldn't have brought the ETLE Universe to life without this incredible family of supporters.

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