Feature - Posture Magazine / by Sarah A.O. Rosner

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And it says so all over her massive, epic, daring, rebellious, sprawling and uncontainable work.

The ETLE project is a queer feminist cyborg time-travel epic.  Over the course of three years this multitudinous endeavor will include a dance performance, a video game, a fashion show, a concept album, photography, fiction, essays, and even pornography. ETLE has already accrued forty-two collaborators and fifteen curators, and Rosner is looking to add at least twenty more curators.

“It’s a fucking massive thing.”

The story takes place somewhere in the not too distant future.  The world is struck by an epidemic called “The Absence” in which women “fall out of time” and drift into other realities. As pregnant women miscarry when they drift, The Absence soon becomes an extinction threat, and the evil FATH Company mandates the wearing of “Reality Intensification Binders” (R.I.B.s), pace-makers of sorts that contain women in the “present” while also rendering them docile and… singular.

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