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Pornography on Tuesday:
A Dispatch From The ETLE Universe

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The A.O. Movement Collective and AORTA Films Present: Screening:  The OH Files / Pornography from the ETLE Universe

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I didn’t have to flash my photo ID proving I was at least 18 because I ran late and I have grey hair.  My lateness caused me to miss out on the free beer and pillow pile up front, so I found myself in a folding chair on Classon Street for the second time in a week.

Why have you called me, ETLE?  What is this cyber-cyborg-female-from-the-future trying to say?  “Let yourself be filled,” she whispers in the graphic.  “Let your future self do the filling.”

Well, okay, so long as this reality I keep drifting into is saving the universe.  My future is coming?

On the film:  The lighting was art-house, but the explicit acts by performers Parts Authority, Ginny Woolf, Erykah Ohms, Xposed Brick, and Toxic Shock were strictly porny. Bodies were varied in size, shape and gender, but slo-mo and mylar were fairly distributed.  I’m not too proud to snag a few ideas, but will probably stop short of milk-chugging or sex with my iPad.  I won’t let a crass term like “fisting” invade my scholarly tone (oops), but can report that the slap-audio was excellent.

There was a talk following, where a most cheerful panel of fledgling pornographers, including director Sarah A.O. Rosner, editor Jacqueline Mary and the pseudonymed performers discussed consent, communication, kinks, snacks and secret locations.

You missed this collage of future-feminist audio-visual orgasms?  There’s one more “OH Files” screening this Saturday, October 3rd at 7:30pm.  Arrive early for ETLE merch, which includes “OH” production stills.

"The OH Files" is one piece of a three-week festival three-years-in-the-making which is running until October 10th in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.  The A.O. Movement Collective presents The ETLE Universe Fall Premieres through October 10th at Loft 172.