Review (ETLE and the Anders) - Psyco-girl Blog / by Sarah A.O. Rosner

Sci-Fi Feminism? I’ll take both.

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The A.O. Movement Collective presents ETLE and the Anders – a performance from the ETLE Universe.

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I felt it right when it happened.  They called it a “glitch”.  It hit me like a wave, I hovered there, and then I unknew.  Only for a second.  And the future changed.

I don’t know yet if ETLE will come, or what she is up to.  But she somehow had me in a folding chair in a second-floor walkup in Clinton Hill.  How did I find myself there?  It seems I rode the G train to Classon Street.

I’ll tell you what I know.  She’s from the future.  She may be saving us or dooming us.  I’ll get more information and report back.  There’s something called FATH, and they want to stop the Absense.  But the absense is presence, I think I heard director/writer/choreographer Sarah A.O. Rosner say.

What does ETLE want?  The idea teases my mind, but I can’t isolate a single thread.  It’s not linear.  The unknowability is intense.  I concentrated in my folding chair for a good ninety minutes while female and queer bodies danced and moved and spoke, and Idgy Dean’s live score washed over me.  There were long and gorgeous phrases that seized my mind, and now they’re gone.

Is it a multitudinous plot?  I don’t.,,..OH!

God, I love the glitch!

The ETLE Universe “queer feminist cyborg time-travel epic” continues at 172 Classon Street until October 10th.  Will ETLE reveal herself during that time?  I’ll need to shake loose my Reality Intensification Binder and go back for pornography and parties.  You should too.  You know who you are.  ETLE is awaiting your arrival.