Listing - Velvet Park / by Sarah A.O. Rosner

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How does the idea of "queer/feminist/science fiction, dance and gaming ala 'live action role play'" grab you? Hopefully by the b*lls, because that is what the A.O. Movement Collective has created with their ongoing performance ETLE_IMMERSIVE.

I don't know how I missed the previous episodes but the final episode will be staged this Friday at the Museum of Arts and Design (presented by Spectacle Programs and Kinetic Cinema).

According to their kit:

The ETLE Universe began as project of Brooklyn-based dance company the A.O. Movement Collective in the fall of 2012. 35 collaborators were added by invitation and application in early 2013, and the project launched publicly at Roulette (Brooklyn, NY) in November 2013. The Universe attempts to create 10 interconnected works—each based in a different media— over the next 18 months (a graphic novel, concept album, fashion show, short film and photography installation, collection of academic essays, collection of creative writing, pornography, 3D-printed artifacts, 5-month multiplayer intra-media game, and evening-length performance), and to expand the boundaries of contemporary art.

Sounds like an end of summer event not easily categorized or forgotten and certainly not one to be missed.

Spectacle Programs: Kinetic Cinema
ETLE_immersive: the Final Chapter
a lecture and interactive performance event with Sarah A.O. Rosner and the A.O. Movement Collective
Friday, August 22nd @ 7pm
at the Museum of Arts and Design
$10 general / $5 members and students
The Theater at MAD
2 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019