Interview - No Pressure Podcast / by Sarah A.O. Rosner

Tara Sheena interviews Sarah A.O. Rosner, Creator of the ETLE Universe and Director of the A.O. Movement Collective, for her No Pressure Podcast.

Sarah A.O. Rosner is a mover/maker/manager extraordinaire. I refer to all of her creative endeavors as the "A.O. Empire," which consists largely of the AOMC (A.O. Movement Collective) as well as AOPro(+ductions), her sustainably-focused business arm that offers management services for choreographers. In her latest performance project, she is literally building a universe: ETLE. A self-proclaimed maximalist, she breaks down the many ideologies contributing to Etle; what caused her to develop her innovative business approach; and how we are, in fact, all inside Etle all of the time. Tune in!