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Mythical Events Presents: Futuref2ck


Futuref2ck is a collaboration between AORTA films and Mythical Events.

Saturday, October 3rd 9:30pm-3am
$15 at the door, or $10 if you put in one hour of volunteer work OR attend the AORTA films' preceding screening of The Oh Files, but nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.

***PLEASE NOTE: You MUST pre-register and be approved for this event! Please register here. No walk-ups accepted.***


This space is an opportunity to let time travel play out through your sexuality and body, a chance for faeries, mythical creatures, extraterrestrials, and unknowable beings to frolic together in the ETLE Universe.

Look through the branches of the Forest of the Future and catch a glimpse of what your body will look like — and do — a hundred or a thousand years from now. Meet someone new and love them the way you will when you’ve known each other for a lifetime. Be the person you will be when all the cities have become mausoleums and the green bits and four-legged creatures have returned to dominance.

What will your sex look like when the eternities of a regenerating earth are opened up before you? How will it feel to inhabit our reinvented bodies in a post-scarcity world? In Futuref2ck, the present and future blend together in a whirl of erotic energy and consensual, compassionate touch.

Futuref2ck is a screened event and you must fill out the registration form at to attend. Mythical Events and Futuref2ck are committed to creating an anti-oppressive space, to holding anti-racist, anti-transmisogynist, anti-ableist, and consent-focused boundaries around the space that we create. We take the worldbuilding opportunity of the play party to imagine a safe space for people who have experienced trauma, for trans and gender variant people, and for people whose sexualities, bodies, and desires have been stigmatized, marginalized, or made them the subject of violence. We work to foster and effectuate a way of interacting with each other that prioritizes each individual’s safety and agency.